To all of you lucky bastards who don’t live in Manhattan (it is rare that I envy you; enjoy it while it lasts) the new documentary inspired by Oliver Sacks’s book The Mind’s Eye will broadcast on BBC Worldwide this weekend.

Broadcast times on BBC World News (a separate channel from BBC America)  are Saturday, May 19 at 02:10 GMT and 15:10 GMT; Sunday, May 20 at 09:10 GMT and 21:10 GMT—that’s Greenwich Mean Time, not to be confused with British Summer Time.

Sorry, New Yorkers, BBC Worldwide News is not yet available on the island of Manhattan unless you have satellite tv—but it is available now throughout the United States (and virtually everywhere else in the world).

But there are still tickets left to hear Dr. Sacks speak in New York City at the World Science Festival, June 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm. He’ll be talking on the therapeutic power of music.



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