This morning I woke up and realized I was still 5 years old. A friend opened an app on his iPad and handed it to me. The screen was almost completely black, with a few glowing objects. “What am I supposed to do?” I asked. “Just discover.”

Next thing I knew, I was gasping and giggling like a little kid, delighted as the objects on the screen responded to my touch, thrilled to the gills as I figured out how to advance to each new level.

Windosill*  is one of those delightful games where your only instruction is to discover. You’re free to explore this wonderful little world with just your fingers, taping, swiping, and pinching your way to the next surprise. The app is part puzzle, part game, part toy, and part pop-up book, all wrapped up in a dozen creative little mysteries.

Go on, set your inner child free.

* The app started on desktop, but it’s so much better on the iPad where you can touch and play.


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