In this short video from THNKR, Dr. Ronald Mallett waxes theoretical about time travel.


“Gödel actually showed that if we were living in a rotating universe, this universe could create loops in time — and by “loops in time” I mean you actually have a timeline that’s normally a straight line of past, present, and future, that’s turned into a loop — and you can actually go along that loop in time and go back into the past. And he based his work squarely on Einstein’s general theory of relativity.”

Loops, how I love loops! Of course, the universe isn’t rotating, and loops have been replaced by cosmic strings and wormholes as the favorite theories for time travel at the moment. But Dr. Mallett’s enthusiasm is real, and if a passion for time travel is what it takes to understand GTR then so be it. Think on, Dr. Mallett!


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